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Published: July 26, 2018
Jeff Apodaca

Aren’t we tired of the grandstanding by our political leaders?

Aren’t we tired of the grandstanding by our political leaders? Didn’t they see these cuts from UNM coming? It’s been in the press for five years. I sat on the UNM Lobo Club a few years back as I witnessed first hand Gov. Martinez and the same legislators cutting UNM’s budget by 60M dollars while sitting on $2B of capital outlay and $24B we continue to invest outside our state. I’m not saying we can use these funds to solve UNM’s budget issues, but these funds can be used to invest in NM creating additional jobs and tax revenue for our universities and communities.

Once again the leaders in our state must get a CLUE what reality is; don’t we elect these leaders to be proactive. It’s time as a state WE STOP being reactionary and start INVESTING in our state! We continue to cut activities and then grandstand saying “Why didn’t UNM ask our legislators for help.” To be VERY clear, UNM and their lobbyists ask them for help every year. I worked at CBS Sports and dealt with the NCAA and their sports programs. What we ALL have to UNDERSTAND, only 24% of division 1 NCAA sports programs run in the Black, that means about 76% of NCAA D1 sports programs run in the RED. They lose money. Sports programs are not profit centers for Universities, and they are marketing tools for universities and communities. They are recruiting tools for students, professors, alumni and corporations that generate millions of tax revenue and jobs for our communities. It’s just another example where our political leaders continue to grandstand while continuing to make the same mistakes over and over, yet wonder WHY our state is 50th. When are we going to wake up, NM? It’s time to rise up and VOTE and get the right leaders in place that are going to be proactive and not wait and say “hmmm, why didn’t anyone ask us for help” Really!

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