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Published: July 27, 2018
Jeff Apodaca

Grisham's Seven-Point Plan to Lift New Mexicans from Poverty

Twenty-five percent or roughly 500,000 New Mexicans live below the poverty line. During the primary, the Apodaca solution for lifting New Mexican families out of poverty was built on a jobs plan.

Today Grisham launched an updated version of her seven-point jump-start plan from this past October which suggested the solution to poverty is increasing the minimum hourly rate. This alone will not solve New Mexico's problem.

Small businesses generate 95% of New Mexico's economy, many of which already pay a higher than minimum wage between $10-$15 per hour. The more significant issue with poverty-stricken New Mexicans isn't an hourly rate, but their lack of employment.

To lift New Mexican families from poverty, we must create well-paying jobs, and we must invest to generate them. Our plan to invest $1.2B of our $24B into economic opportunities in small business, tech transfer, trade skills, paying a 3% annual raises for state employees and create pathways in education is a solution that addresses the core cause of NM's poverty - jobs.

NMD4D is excited both Grisham and Pearce are now talking about solving the poverty issue in our state. We met with Grisham a few weeks ago and discussed rolling in our 225,000 jobs plan for NM into her platform. It was met with disdain.

Our state has lost over 146,000 jobs; raising the minimum wage is important to discuss, but will NOT be the key to lifting New Mexicans from poverty.

As we said we will discuss the facts of each campaign and are waiting to discuss Pearce’s jobs plan, but if Grisham thinks raising the minimum wage and increasing family tax credits for 500,000 people will fix this critical issue for New Mexico, she is greatly mistaken. We hope she will reconsider implementing some if not all of our jobs plan.

When Pearce rolls out his plan we will do our due diligence, until then we are glad both camps are now talking about creating jobs, let’s see who has the best plan for ALL New Mexicans.

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One comment on “Grisham's Seven-Point Plan to Lift New Mexicans from Poverty”

  1. This seems so easy. Can you explain what her/his objection is? Is it just that we can't ever invest in anything but Wall Street stocks? That income is about to be reduced as the coming recession is about to hit us all. If we are investing in New Mexicans we could weather that storm better than we have ever done before.

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