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Published: July 31, 2018
Jeff Apodaca

I came across this article in The NY Times, it's so true.

I came across this article in The NY Times (https://nyti.ms/2y5Wlei), it's so true. Dems we better wake up. The fact of the matter is, 65% of NM voters in this general elections will not care about party lines, they care about issues and how to turn NM around. This is our goal with NMD4D and our followers. Push issues and solutions.

During the primary, I heard from the other Dem candidates how they will work across party lines, but this week I agreed to sit down with business leaders and a Gubernatorial candidate to push our #1 issue, investing into NM. I was attacked by the Dem candidate and her supporters for doing so. If we can push both candidates to invest part of our $24B into NM why wouldn't we?

Why wouldn’t I (on behalf of NM and our supporters) sit down with a Gubernatorial candidate and 35 business leaders to discuss ideas to do just that. I’m shocked how some Dems are upset about this meeting when all I heard on the campaign trail is how tired people are of the parties fighting. It’s time we all work together.

That is what we're trying to do with NMD4D, bring issues and solutions to both parties to better NM. Isn’t that what we all want! I have left an open invitation to the Grisham camp that NMD4D and I are willing to attend any sit down to discuss issues and solutions. Michelle, you have my cell.


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