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Published: August 17, 2018
Jeff Apodaca

Today UNM board of regents will once again meet to discuss sports cuts

Today UNM board of regents will once again meet to discuss sports cuts with UNM athletics. As a former UNM FB alumni (82-85), I have lived the benefits what sports and athletic programs give to our kids but most important to our community. We need to STOP cutting these opportunities away from our students, including in our public schools.

I’m proud of my two friends Sen. George Muñoz (D) and Rep. Larry Larrañaga (R) for standing up and working together with other legislators and our two Gubernatorial candidates to save these programs. It’s time our board of regents STOP playing politics and start solving our Universities issues.

It’s time Governor Martinez, our legislators, and the two Gubernatorial candidates STOP grandstanding and start investing into NM. We invest $24B of our funds outside of our state creating opportunities for none New Mexicans. This year our operational surpluses look to be between $600M-$900M thanks to oil and gas production. It’s time we start investing in New Mexicans.

I also want to remind everyone that 78% of Division 1 sports programs lose dollars. It is time our sports programs live within budgets. We must realize our University sports programs are our marketing tools for our communities and while they may run at a loss, they also generate jobs, opportunities and tax revenues for our state. It is time as a community we come together to invest some of our time and entertainment dollars back into New Mexico's kids. The football and soccer season starts in a few weeks, I have my tickets to UNM football. Do you?

Jeff Apodaca

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Decision on cuts must be rethought carefully
By: Sen. George K. Munoz, Gallup Democrat and Rep. Larry A. Larranaga

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