Investing in New Mexico

After years of mismanagement, our state has been driven to the highest unemployment in the country. We have fallen to 50th in the nation for both job creation and education. Twenty-five percent of New Mexicans live below the poverty line, and we continue to cut job and educational programs all while sitting on 23 billion dollars of permanent funds, the third largest in the nation.

It’s time to turn New Mexico around with new ideas and a new direction.

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Repair Our Failing Infrastructure

Put New Mexicans to work repairing our crumbling roads, bridges, acequias, and arroyos.

Local Preference

Offer a robust local preference program for NM small businesses with state procurement purchasing.

Help Our Vets

Expand the law that requires the state to award federal contracts to Vets and incorporate the SBA’s Veteran Small Business Program.

$1.2B Investment Plan

Provide low debt, low-interest loans for local small businesses and vets.

Keep Jobs in New Mexico

Eliminate tax breaks that encourage sending jobs outside of NM and implement a Hire-New Mexicans-First for all state contracts.

Bring New Investments

Create vertical investment funds for New Mexico’s full spectrum of strengths.

Help Farming & Ranching Families

Create low debt finance programs and support and enhance current agricultural production and jobs.

High-tech Jobs

Create public and private investment funds to provide capital for technologies in NM through vertical investments totaling 840 million dollars.

Energy Economy

Help our oil and gas industry be cleaner and stronger by investing with oil and gas companies to capture methane leaks and monitor the wells so that NM benefits.

Trade Skills and
Telecommuting Jobs

Partner trade-union apprentice programs with our education systems to create better pathways for high schools students in the trade skills.

Film Industry

Eliminate the state television and film cap allowing film production to grow to 3 times the current volume

investing in Healthcare

Foster 600 million dollars of economic growth by generating the presence of 300 more doctors, 3,200 more nurses, 1,600 more physicians assistants in the state of NM.


Eliminate tax breaks that encourage sending jobs outside of NM and Implement a Hire-New Mexicans-First for all state contracts.

Lift Wages

Ensure 100% pay equity for women. Women must earn the same wages for the same work as men and gradually lift wages.

Well-Paying Jobs

Implement educational paths for New Mexicans from 0-20 years of age to provide more access to higher-wage jobs for workers and foster a better-trained workforce.

Education & Schooling

Pay scale from $43,000, - $53,000 a year + 3% annum increase. Create pathways from our schools to profession pipeline.


Together we can turn New Mexico around!