Supporting Local

New Mexico needs to put New Mexico first, and that starts with policies and a culture to support our local businesses. We believe this is more than buying local but placing our focus on investing in New Mexicans and investing in you.

We must change decades of bad practices and strike to create a smart policy to develop opportunities for businesses, employees, farmers, our future and attract outside investments.

New Mexico can be a world-leader in research, energy, export and more, it all starts here. Let's build a success story for generations to come.

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Support Startups

Create investment funds for NM's full spectrum of strengths within agriculture, biotech, biopharma, and more.

State Business Loans

Create low-interest small business loans specifically for military veterans.

Keep State Business Local

Offer a robust local preference program for New Mexico small businesses with state procurement purchasing.

Get Vets into Business

Incorporate the Small Business Administration’s Veteran-Owned Small Business Program, which guarantees up to 90% of loans.

Revamp Taxes

Restructure the state's aging tax laws to keep jobs in New Mexico and encourage companies to grow businesses in NM, not out of state.

Invest in New Engery

We are ranked 2nd in the country for renewable energy capabilities, yet nationally we are 48th in production. We can create jobs and grow our economy by investing in the clean energy economy.

Rebuild Infrastructure

Put New Mexicans to work repairing our crumbling roads, bridges, acequias, and arroyos.

Expand Healthcare

Expand and invest in healthcare and hospital facilities in rural communities.


Together we can turn New Mexico around!